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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's This? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Hating On Andy Reid and Alex Smith? OMG! Please Clarke, Say It Ain't So!!!

Hello Chiefs fans.  I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him.  Bury him deep, deep beneath the Astroturf of Lincoln Financial Field--where he should have never been exhumed from.  :)

It's so hilarious as to not be believed.  Every year since the Andy and Alex show began, I've seen the same arguments about whether or not they suck.  The amazing part is that there are still plenty of people out there that defend them and pretend they don't--until now.  Hell may have begun to freeze over.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bold Predictions For The Kansas City Chiefs??? O-M-G

This is Sorrowhead.  He's not attended a Chiefs game since Romeo left the house after the 2012 season.  He (as so many like him) thought that Andy Reid was coming in to "set things a'right" (The Outlaw Josey Wales reference :).  Instead what he got was a dog and pony show, concocted by a washed up NFL Head Coach who was looking for a solid opportunity at a 5+ year working retirement.  The only success in this regard so far is Reid's.  HE's getting exactly what he wants.  Sorrowhead and the Chiefs (not to mention Chiefs fans)?  Not so much.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Andy Reid Is Digging His Own Grave

Haha!  You just gotta love it when a plan comes together---NOT!  This video is showing what Andy Reid looks like when he screws the pooch and gets called on it.  It is HILARIOUS!  Reid didn't like getting questioned on his recent move to put Eric Fisher (remember him?  THE guy that REID drafted number one to play left tackle?)  at Right Tackle.  Fisher was chosen by Andy Reid (oh sorry, that's right, Jon Dorsey RUNS the Chiefs personnel---what a damn joke that is) as the OVERALL number ONE pick in the 2013 Draft.  Can you say "swing and a miss"?  Well anybody who isn't a Chief certainly has no problem with it.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid Are Set For A Losing Season--It Could Be BAD

Didja see this picture Chiefs fans?  This was Andy telling Maclin that he better hurry up and sign with KC because WE GOT ALEX.  If you look at Maclin's face, you can see the Missouri motto of "Showme" shining right through.  That ain't no skeeter Jeremy is smacking on his neck, that's the motion that people go through when they don't realize they are advertising their disbelief to the world.  It's like a poker tell.  Watch for it because I'll bet that Maclin ain't done...not by a long shot.